About Imex Sport

Our mission

Above all, Imex Sport strives to offer the best customer experience . We understand that an infinite number of options are available to our customers and to stand out from the crowd, we have chosen to target the following three elements:

The best service
For many businesses, service ends at the time of purchase. For Imex Sport, this is where it starts. We have a team of salespeople dedicated to offering our customers the best buying advice, a team of technicians solidly trained to assemble, adjust and repair all the equipment presented to them, and an owner who attaches the utmost importance to after-sales service. We are all on the road to success.

The largest selection of products
We strive to offer our customers the largest selection of products and brands in the world. We have almost all parts (blades, tips, handles, etc.) of all brands in stock, and stock a few ranges of clothing and masks. All non-stock items are offered by special order and we have catalogs from all suppliers. If it exists, we can get it. As if that were not enough, we are also on the lookout for any new products, and Imex Sport will test them as soon as they become available. To top it off, Imex Sport also offers a whole range of house-brand products.

The best advice
Since our team is composed of armourers, fencers, fencer's parents and coaches, we are at an advantage when it comes to advising a fencer on their choice of equipment, regardless of their caliber. We use our great knowledge of fencing and our personal experience to help all our customers make the best choices from the multitude of products we offer.

Imagine someone asking "What is the best car in the world?". The answer will always be "It depends". Do we compare speed, fuel economy, the number of seats, value for money, or its ability to cross a river? Our team has all the expertise necessary to pinpoint your needs and offer you the best option according to all your criteria.

A bit of history

Imex Sport originated in Boucherville, QC in 1996. Founded by Dominique Teisseire and France Parent, this company is a choice distributor of fencing equipment across Canada.

Parellel to this, Antoine Gouin founded his company, Phoenix Armoury, in 2016. Phoenix Armoury was mainly focused on service, including repair, maintenance and purchase-related advice. In 2018, Phoenix Armoury acquired Imex Sport and now operates under this banner.

Imex Sport, now operated by Antoine Gouin, offers all the ranges of products previously offered, in addition to a whole new range of products and services, across Canada.

Quality Personnel

Antoine has been fencing since the age of 11. He has been teaching all three weapons for over 10 years in various clubs. In addition, he is a certified provincial repairer, provincial armorer and national armorer, and is head national armorer responsible for armorer training for the Canadian Fencing Federation.

Antoine gives advice to fencers of all levels, from beginners to those fencing internationally. Fencing is his passion, and finding the perfect combination of equipment for each fencer is his mission.

The Imex Sport team is composed of competitive fencers who fence on provincial, national and international circuits, as well as parents of fencers, from different clubs in the Montreal, QC area. These people, all trained by Imex, continue to learn the art of sales and repairs, and will offer you the best service. Their fencing background is an incredible asset that you will be able to take advantage of with each visit.

A full spectrum of products

We stock the widest range of products of any distributor in North America. This allows us to offer services never seen before, such as the creation of custom weapons. We have also seen or tried the vast majority of products from all brands, and are uniquely positioned to advise and assist you in ordering products from any supplier. Our full range also allows us to meet the needs of foreign fencers attending tournaments in Canada.

Imex Sport, a mobile business

In a market dominated by web companies, it is more and more difficult to see and touch the products, or even to try them, before buying them. In addition to offering a complete website and a physical store, Imex Sport has equipped itself with a mobile kiosk to allow a maximum of customers to benefit from the expertise of our staff. The company travels to tournaments to offer the same recognized service, and also travels to clubs at the request of customers. Consult the calendar of events to know where to find us next.